Quantival Product Levels

Q- Competitor Surveillance & Intelligence (CSI)

Q- Intelligent Pricing Engine™ (IPE)

Quantival's CSMI consultative solutions and tools place intelligent decision making in the hands of owners and managers. The tools provide comprehensive surveillance of the local market place affording owners the opportunity to set pricing relative to actual market.

The IPE module optimizes pricing by continuously analyzing demand across a plurality of variables existing in the past, present and future. The automated IPE sets an optimal rate for each prospective appointment or purchase, learns per activity, then sets successive rates.

Q- 1-to-1 Loyalty Pricing

The IPE pairs with Quantival's Revenue Algorithm™ to offer owners and managers a comprehensive 1-to-1 pricing platform. Our 1-to-1 pricing system delivers precision pricing for all end users and for all products and services.

How Quantival's Basket of Products Grow New Revenue

Quantival products examine historic utilization, demographics and psychographics, availability, current dynamics, competitor operations, etc., and then repeatedly calculate value to prospective customers. The proprietary algorithms provide a systematic and autonomous interface between business owners and customers that not only intelligently learn from every reservation and sale, but continuously calculate the value of each subsequent price.

How Your Prospective Customers Access Your Optimized, Fair-Market Rates

Virtually nothing changes for your end users…

Prospective clients, customers, guests and patients continue to log-in at your website to make an appointment or reservation. The party selects the date that he or she wishes to reserve. After clicking on any availability, the reservation system instantly reaches out to Quantival’s pricing servers, which immediately calculate an optimal rate, and then instantly returns that price to the prospective party. The party then customarily proceeds to complete reservation through the reservation system.