Quantival enters exclusive partnership with NGCOA Canada, 2nd largest golf organization

Quantival enters exclusive partnership with NGCOA Canada, 2nd largest golf organization

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NGCOA Canada and Quantival enter Dynamic Pricing Partnership

OTTAWA, ON (January 20, 2014) – The National Golf Course Owners Association Canada (NGCOA Canada) and Quantival, the innovators of the Intelligent Pricing Engine™, are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership providing Canadian golf course operators access to the Intelligent Pricing Engine™ service.

The Quantival Intelligent Pricing Engine™ is the world’s most advanced dynamic pricing platform for golf. The platform fuses dynamic pricing with time based and demand based pricing to build new revenues for golf courses. The trade-secreted pricing engine is founded on the ground breaking work of world renowned economist, and golf’s foremost authority on green fees, Dr. Nile W. Hatch, Chairman of the Quantival Corporation.

NGCOA Canada will distribute the engine under the trademark: “NGCOA Canada Intelligent Pricing Engine, powered by Quantival.” This partnership enables NGCOA Canada to empower Canadian golf course operators to reclaim pricing but most importantly, increase revenues.

Golf courses across the country now have access to this world-class system that will help them determine optimal pricing for the coming season. Golf courses using Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing engine have all seen an increase in revenues from between 5-40%. NGCOA Canada and Quantival are so confident in the success of this system that courses are being offered a no-risk partnership that sees them pay for the service only when they see increased revenues.

For more information on the NGCOA Canada Intelligent Pricing Engine, please click here.

“The NGCOA Canada is delighted to be making this announcement today, which I see as a game-changer for the business of golf in Canada”, says Jeff Calderwood, CEO, NGCOA Canada. “We’ve seized the opportunity to assist Canadian course operators to effectively price green fees and all other golf course revenue centers–without creating additional expenses or burdens on golf course staff”, continued Calderwood. “While we’re impressed that it drives new revenues, we’re perhaps more pleased that it can enable course owners to reclaim revenues being lost in difficult economic times.”

Dr. Nile W. Hatch, Chairman of the Quantival Corporation added, “It is a privilege to work beside NGCOA Canada to revolutionize pricing at Canadian golf courses and to grow revenue through the power of intelligent pricing. We have a clear vision of how we can together assist Canadian operators to generate new revenues to continue to provide the first class service and facilities that Canadian golfers expect.”

Under terms of the agreement, NGCOA Canada will have exclusive rights to market and deliver Quantival pricing services to all golf courses in Canada.

About the NGCOA Canada
The National Golf Course Owners Association Canada is a not-for-profit trade association that provides business support to Canadian golf course operators and related stakeholders, presenting one united voice within the golf course industry. Visit NGCOA Canada at www.ngcoa.ca

About Quantival
Quantival Inc. is a Utah-based company that provides intelligent pricing globally in a range of industries. Quantival has pioneered the practice of ‘intelligent pricing’ using advanced algorithms supported in cutting-edge applied economics. Quantival’s dynamic pricing systems and scientific pricing solutions are delivered to arenas, stadiums, municipal and private parking facilities and trade show floors. Visit Quantival at www.quantival.com.


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