Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing Engine™ Scientifically Grows Revenue

No Guessing, Just Science™

Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing Engine™ optimizes pricing for any product or combination of products by continuously analyzing demand impacting events existing in the past, present and future. The engine calculates and sets the figure for each transaction, learns from a multiplicity of variables related to the transaction, and in sub-seconds computes next pricing.


Quantival pricing sets itself apart by intelligently learning from each new transaction.


The Intelligent Pricing Engine systematically factors for a myriad of price impacting variables–without human guesswork.

Dynamic Pricing

Quantival’s demand-based dynamic pricing algorithms set optimal fees to grow new revenue.

What they say

  • “The NGCOA Canada is delighted to be announcing our partnership with Quantival, which I see as a game-changer for the business of golf in Canada”

     Jeff Calderwood CEO, NGCOA Canada

  • "Dr. Hatch's innovative demand based pricing solutions have earned him a reputation as golf's foremost authority on green fees."

    European Golf Course Owners Association, EGCOA

The Problem

Perhaps the greatest risk to the long term success of any company and certainly for any revenue manager is price-setting. The challenge is particularly daunting if a business generates and manages perishable inventory (e.g. supermarket dairy/produce/ meat products, golf course tee times, parking spaces, seats in arenas or airplanes, cruise ship berths, digital advertising, digital bandwidth, etc.). Best price-setting practices today, e.g. ‘cost plus’ or ‘referential pricing’ are deeply flawed; using weak, if any, defined scientific rules. Significant revenue loss from chronic mispricing is routine given that the human brain is generally incapable of managing the myriad of price impactors that drive inventory utilization.

The Quantival Solution

The Quantival Intelligent Pricing Engine™ (IPE) calculates the value of your products and sets optimal pricing before they expire—offering optimized use of product inventory and elevated return. The innovative and intelligent pricing algorithms embedded in the IPE continuously update, learn, adapt and factor for past, present and future market behavior and then produce prices to trigger new revenue, reinforce brand and assist with competitor management.

“The Intelligent Pricing Engine… Revolutionary”