The World’s Most Advanced Pricing Engine

Scientifically Grows Revenue

Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing Engine™ scientifically sets pricing for hotel rooms, stadium seats, and green fees by continuously analyzing demand impacting events in the past, present and future.
The engine calculates and sets the price for each room, space, or time, and after each customer purchase, recomputes OPTIMAL next prices, to grow revenue.


Quantival pricing sets itself apart by intelligently learning from each new transaction. No guessing, pure science!


The Intelligent Pricing Engine systematically factors for price impacting variables–without human guesswork.

Dynamic Pricing

Quantival’s demand-based pricing algorithms set optimal prices driving significant new income to the bottom line.


The Problem

You’re losing money.  Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but nonetheless.  You may not even know it; but if if you do, what can you do about it?  You’ve spent good money on revenue management seminars and been awarded certificates of revenue management excellence, only to learn that your GM learned almost nothing executable.  Simply, the seminar’s promises were a fraud.

For years, “revenue management experts” have been doling out revenue management certificates, after two-day seminars, as if they’d made your team pricing gurus.  There’s only one problem… You didn’t realize that what they were selling was functionally impossible to deploy.  Few, save perhaps a few savants on the planet, are fit to execute on the recommendations they’ve been promoting. It’s as though you were told that you could write the code for hyper-speed intergalactic space travel after two days of instruction, which would be cool; if it were possible.

Sadly, you’ve been played.

Perhaps the greatest risk to the long term success of any company is arbitrary, human led, price-setting. Widely used ‘cost plus’ and its cheap twin, ‘referential pricing,’ are deeply flawed and use few, if any, scientific rules.  Major revenue loss from chronic mis-pricing is routine, given the human brain is generally incapable of managing the myriad of price impactors that drive inventory utilization.

Businesses that generate and manage perishable inventory (e.g. market dairy/produce, hotel rooms, parking spaces, golf course tee times, arena and airline seats, cruise ship berths, digital advertising, digital bandwidth, etc.) are particularly susceptible.

The Quantival Solution

The Quantival Intelligent Pricing Engine™ (IPE) calculates product value and sets optimal pricing—offering optimized use of product inventory and higher return. The innovative and intelligent pricing algorithms embedded in the IPE continuously update, learn, adapt and factor for past, present and future market behavior, and then produce prices to trigger new revenue, reinforce brand and drive competitor management.

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“Completely Revolutionary.”